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hi my lovelies. i hope everyones summer is going spectacularly and you've at least been thinking about all our nice work to do when schools back again, haha.

kids in paradigm- how syked are you guys for this year? we are going to rock.

kids in chorus line- have you guys really looked at your music? i havent. oops.

kids auditioning for midsummer- what monologues are you guys doing? what parts do you want? i cant wait to see it.

junior kids- how much are you dreading bowerman/harrison-less classes? lets get ready for yoga.

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omg you have no idea how much I'm dreading doughertie's class!!!!!!!!
midsummer - Gansky is helping my find one; puck.

junior kids - not much; I figure the workload will be about the same... and yoga is enjoyable.
but it makes me sleepy.
PARADIGM: I cannot wait to get the company moving. I really want to see my script and the casting. Very exciting.

Midsummer: I haven't thought about a monologue yet, but I have a lot under my belt now so I could just pick one that I already know. I will probably land up learning a new one. Something from either The Tempest, Twelfth Night, Love's Labors Lost, As You Like It, or Commedy of Errors would probably be the best choice. I'm going for Puck...like everybody else I've talked to...

Secretly, I hope the director decides to abandon the rave theme. I like doing things in period. Plus, Shakespeare camp did strange things to my brain...
i love the rave theme! but youre a silly shaxnerd. and i love you.
Hey, everybody knows that Shakespeare nerds do it better. Look at Shakespeare In Love!

My thing with the rave theme is that it's been done before. Also, the lights will be off during the performance and we probably won't have the audience on three sides. That's the best way to do Shakespeare. But the director does apparently know what he's doing so I do trust him.